Movie Making Progress (Update 11)


My movie is coming together nicely. It's just that I haven't worked on it for a week and my year subscription is Microsoft Office is ending at the end of the month. Isn't that swell? 

Well, I think I'm going to have a writing update video sometime in July. I hope to be going to a folk festival in my area. There's a lot of cool things that happen where I live that I didn't know about that I would love to incorporate into my channel. 

My movie progress is decent. I have a system of planning, "scripting" and writing. Planning is when I plan a part of whatever act I'm on (still Act II). Each part has at least one scene for each character. "Scripting" is when I set up the scenes. I go into detail about what I want to happen but mostly what I want them to say. Writing is basically copying what I scripted and changing according to what I want. I don't quite often. I spend most time scripting because that's the bulk of the work. Writing is typing it into Word.

I still need to print what I've written so far but I can't because we don't really have paper right now. I mean I have paper but I don't know if my mom will need it. Plus, it's probably not enough.

I'm really eager to get back to noveling. However, I think that because I've been writing scripts since December, all I can do is write dialogue. Because of this, I want to get back into reading. Now that I'm out of high school, I have no excuse not to read.

Honestly, I've never had a good balance between writing the other stuff and dialogue. It has always been other stuff until this part year when everything became dialogue. 

I think I just need to recalibrate my mind. Once I'm done this screenplay, I already have another one lined up. Right now I'm structuring it in my mind. It's another script with a deep core, like my first one. I believe them both to be hard hitting. I am worried, however, that I cannot get back into writing stories if I do start planning, scripting, and writing this new idea after I'm done with the first one. 

If you have any tips, please send them my way. 


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