Winning Camp NaNoWriMo (Update 10)

Woah! It’s the tenth update already? Insanity. 

I am here to let you all know I made it through Camp NaNoWriMo! I reached my goal of 50 pages (not an additional 50) to my movie. 

My movie is developing rapidly, but I’ve recently been stand-still with a few of my characters. Sadly, I Don’t have much leeway with how I write it because almost every scene is important. This means that despite how much I want to write for one character, I can’t until I write whatrbery scene(S) before it.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of making it a TV show. Each episode would focus on the same two weeks but from each character’s perspective. This is because its going to be a long movie. I’m aiminon writing 200 pages, give or take. I want to make a movie that means something, even if it’s only to me. 

I’m so excited to take this story somewhere. Of course anyone who wants to share their writing has big hopes for it, but if thi g go according to plan, everything should be alright. 

100 pages, here I come. 


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