February Challenge – Day 16

I wrote words. I did it. After two weeks, I’ve finally written words and therefor I’m finally writing. I still have 2,671 words left to go and I’m happy with that. I didn’t break 1K today, but I don’t need to. This weekend, since it’s a three-day weekend, I hope to buckle down on this and reach my goal. Once I reach my goal, I definitely won’t be posting regularly for the rest of the month (not that I have been). Basically don’t expect me to post even if I do write something.

I’m really happy with my novel right now. I just remembered another point in my novel which should add another 5K+ to my word count goal for this book. I still want 100,000, but I’ll settle for anything above 51K.

Word count: 48,329/51,000


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