Dealing with Writer’s Block (Update 4)

I’ve been planning this post for three days.

I have mentioned before that if I ever plot, my brain can no longer think creatively for that project.

In the latest posts on my blog (minus the last one because it’s a reblog), I’ve talked about my current novel. I decided, “Hey, why not plot this? I mean, I think I can actually write and plot now. I may be almost seven chapters in, but that doesn’t matter. I can do it, it will help me!” And that’s when it happened: the creative juices stopped flowing.

Luckily, I’ve gotten back into writing it. I owe it to BuzzFeed and Matt de la Peña. BuzzFeed posted Mr. de la Peña’s quote on their post of 15 Ways To Defeat Writer’s Block .  The quote says, “I think when people have writer’s block, they’re trying to look at the big picture too soon. So what you have to do is concentrate on the minute detail of the story and write that.”

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DO. I now am able to understand why it may be so hard for me to continue writing after plotting. I’m quite glad I came across that quote because after that, I have officially started writing the novel again and it’s a little better than the scenes and chapters prior to the latest thing I’ve written.

Due to this breakthrough, next month for Camp NaNoWriMo July, I will be continuing my book instead of rewriting it. My goal is 20,000/79,750 words. I am excited and hope I’ll write a lot of good, useful words. I will be both blogging and vlogging my experienc. If all goes well, August, September OR October, I will post a short story once a week.

Are going to be participating?

BTW, if and when I win Camp and I have winner’s prizes woulod anyone like a coupon code for anything?


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